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Affiliate Programs That Pay

If affiliate marketing is part of your business plan (and I believe it should be) then this post might save you a lot of time and frustration.  You see, when I first began adding affiliate marketing to my online efforts I signed up for several affiliate programs that I thought would bring the big bucks in.  I had success fairly early on with a few of them.  One of my websites in particular started seeing sales within a week of starting it up!  Over the course of the rest of the month I had accumulated over $600 in commissions.  Then late one night I excitedly signed into my account hoping to see some sales for the day.  There was only one problem, the website was gone.  We’re talking a completely blank page.  You’ve probably guessed I didn’t see a dime of that $600.

I was crushed and almost decided to give up the affiliate marketing part of my business right there.  Believe it or not it happened with another affiliate program too, although luckily for me it was for far less money.  There are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there to choose from but the scary part is you don’t always know who will actually pay!  That’s where this post comes in.  Although I am a marketer for dozens of affiliate programs I have singled out a few that have consistently paid me on time, every time.  How does this benefit you?  Well if you decide to start promoting some of the products off of these sites you can know that you will actually get paid!  The blood, sweat and tears you put into your affiliate marketing won’t be wasted.

The following programs pay their affiliates:

1.  Sell Health is one of my favorite affiliate programs.  They specialize in sexual health and anti aging products.  Their products sell very well.  Click Here to sign up for SellHealth

2.  MarketHealth is a giant affiliate program offering health and beauty products.  Click Here to sign up for MarketHealth

3.  Clickbank is home to thousands upon thousands of digital products.  They have over 100,000 active affiliates so they can be trusted.  Click Here to sign up for Clickbank

4.  My business partners and I also have 3 affiliate programs that are all run by Clickbank.  All three have tons of affiliate tools and graphics you can use.  They are:

Alpha Male Pickup

Back In Your Arms

Bedroom Master

Many online entrepreneurs choose to promote other people’s products and services in return for a commission. Affiliate marketing is their name of the game. Even without having their own products to sell they have the power to establish an almost unbelievable flow of money to their pockets.  Several affiliate marketers are making a full-time living out of Internet marketing and generating a 5-figure income every month.

Affiliate marketing appears to be pretty straight forward, considering the fact that as an affiliate you do not have to create a product, compose the best sales letter, provide after-sales support, handle concerns and problems.

Why is it then that not everyone achieves the results they long for? Why is it then that so many beginners and newbies give up while trying?

There’s a lot of research and work to do to actually compete and succeed. There are techniques and skills to learn, appropriate tools to use, an action plan and methods to follow. Trying affiliate marketing without a minimum knowledge will lead to failure. How many stories have you read of people working for months trying without success to make an income? How many admit they bought every imaginable tool from ebooks to software, have subscribed to several free information sources and perhaps to some paid membership sites but never produced any consistent results?

Unfortunately the exact formula to succeeding with affiliate marketing is not released by most successful affiliate marketers. Even those marketers who specialize in selling stuff to other marketers will only reveal a few tricks or strategies, one or two of their ingredients but not the full recipe.

You may eventually find a coaching program that promises to give you the full picture but at prices most people cannot afford to pay.

However, this has changed from now on. There’s a marketer out there – Chris Rempel – who decided to give away the complete formula he uses to make a six figure income with affiliate marketing: templates, tools, methods, action plans, everything. It’s a paint-by-the-numbers system that doesn’t miss a single step or tool to successful internet marketing.

His product VIP-Essentials includes:

* his best-converting website templates
* a review site maker for WordPress
* installation and usage instructions
* step-by-step tactics to get free targeted search engine traffic
* outsourcing templates and cheat-sheets

Nothing similar to this has been launched in a long time. Some review script products recently released cost hundreds of dollars without offering all these effective tools, templates and methods.

Sincerely, there is no longer any excuse for not taking action. If you are able to follow simple, easy instructions, if you are able to clone successful affiliate campaigns, this package can get you started right away, saving you months of researching, developing and testing. It’s a fail-proof way to earning a full time income from affiliate marketing.

If you are afraid the cost will be similar to some of the recent internet marketing products launches and prevent you from accessing this six-figure blueprint, fear no more. Chris has made it affordable to everyone.

Curious? Well, it’s the price of a T-Shirt. Would you trade a T-Shirt for a six-figure affiliate income?…

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It all starts when some well-meaning (yet misdirected) person encourages a budding internet entrepreneur to “start in a niche they know alot about”, or base their business around “something they’re passionate about”…

As horrible as it may sound – they’ve unknowingly sent the hopeful entrepreneur down a path of false expectations, poor results and eventually – failure. In fact, the myth of “do what you love and the money will follow” has been responsible for more failure than likely any other influence – perhaps even more so than laziness or a lack of perseverance.

Because the simple truth of the matter is that the only way you’re going to make real money on the net is if your business is based around two crucial things:

1) Large Demand

2) Buyers

In other words – you aren’t going to get rich selling a $15 ebook about growing square watermelons – even though that might be a great passion of yours.

The demand just isn’t there. Maybe there’s a few searches a day on Google for the topic, and perhaps there’s some interest in the online “gardening enthusiast” communities – but you’d be hard-pressed to make even a few hundred dollars a month from ebook sales.

Similarly, you also aren’t going to have a particularly easy time getting rich by building websites about some seemingly “popular” topics like humor, jokes, funny pictures and so on. And while there are a few ways to “monetize” your site (with AdSense, CPA Offers, CPM Banners, etc.), it takes literally millions of website visitors to make even just a few thousand dollars in markets like that.

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The demand is huge – but the visitor value is extremely low…

Instead, if you want to make it big online – pulling down an impressive six-figure income – you need to tap into markets with tons of demand, where the majority of the visitors are valuable.

You need to capture tons of traffic that wants to buy something. If you take this approach, you’d practically have to hijack your own order links (or affiliate links) not to make a sizeable income.

In fact – did you know that some affiliates make several thousand dollars daily just by promoting a single product in hot markets? (Just imagine what the merchant is making…)

In some markets there’s actually so much demand that the vendors are quite literally selling over a thousand units – or more – per day. Digital products, with practically zero overhead/delivery cost.

But it all comes back to tapping into valuable demand. In most cases, it takes no extra effort or “skill” to market to a valuable market than it does to struggle along with something you’re passionate about.

These two factors – demand and buying traffic – are what seperate the “wannabe” marketers from the millionaires. Because there’s no real secret – you just need to sell what thousands of people are already buying.

The ball is now officially in your court. Are you tapping into markets with massive, valuable demand?

Or are you struggling to simply make a few dollars occasionally with a business that’s based on your own passionate interests?

The Simplest Possible Way to Generate $100,000+ As An Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever wondered what the most profitable online activity is
today? Could it be generating traffic to your site, creating hype
through the advertising media, building backlinks or using SEO
optimized words?  I would hate to burst your bubble but, in my
opinion, the most profitable online business is “selling” a product
or services!  More specifically, a product that you OWN.

>>>>>  The 24 Hour HOT Product Formula

At the end of the day, what counts is whether you have earned
anything.  You could have the most high-tech dominated niche, best
keywords and phrases but your product may still lie on the shelf for various

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products and services
for someone who controls at the top.  What would your income be like
if you were in this top tier?  Discovering high converting
offers, driving traffic to them, seeking “high value” visitors who
will purchase, is what gives them their commissions.  Adsense ad
revenues etc. fall in place when products and services are sold.
This involves a lot of hard work and affiliates put in their lion
share as they realize that the more products sold, the more income
they can make.

>>>>>  The 24 Hour HOT Product Formula

Now, let us contemplate what happens when the cogwheels churn out
the income.  The man sitting at the helm, who introduced the
product to his team of affiliates, is raking in income “silently”.
His traffic list increases TREMENDOUSLY, he benefits from the
several backlinks that are provided for him by his affiliates.
THEY continue doing all the hard work, building innumerable sites,
promoting the product, generating traffic etc. so that the sales are
continuously generated.

Now you are thinking!  Yes, the product seller finally has the
cutting edge.  You can be that product seller yourself and create
your own high value, high profit digital products. You can use your
resources to deliver high-end VALUE to your customers.  You can
then attract affiliates to promote your product, let them do the
hard work while you watch your product or service sell.  Start
another site, deliver one more product or service, and watch your
six-figure income grow ‘silently’.

Create a HOT, Unique Product in As Little as 24 Hours…

>>>>>  The 24 Hour HOT Product Formula

Where do you begin?  Start from scratch.  Build up your website
and get yourself a domain.  Decide on a product that is more of
a necessity and most importantly, something that everyone requires.
Do not kid yourself that the more “niche dominated” your product
is, the more exclusive your returns will be.  You probably will
be left “holding the baby.”

Learn to cut your losses before the product hype dies out and stop
trying to milk the same cow when its not working!  Create
another website and choose another product.  It is not
difficult to set up several good websites. Initially, it takes a
few hours, but the time spent is WELL worth the returns.

Build up your site with pages of refreshing article content.  Try
Affiliate Genie if you need to move faster.  I have tried it and I
think a newbie may benefit by getting started on the
right track, quickly and efficiently.  Remember, you can own
several sites and promote popular products that sell, rather than
concentrating on an “elusive” niche.  Reaching for the unattainable
is a lot of hogwash.  The Russians used the simple “lead pencil” to
use in space, while the Americans spent millions, not to mention
the time, to invent the “space pen”!

Aggressive selling may pay initially but plain “truthful” selling
is what will bring in the booty eventually.  Ensure that your
article content is unique, clear and has the necessary backlinks
to lure your customers into making their purchase easily.  Use
proper head titles and tags.  Prominently display your product,
reviews etc. Use influence and build up your trust.  “Simplicity”
should be your motto as you generate traffic to boost your income.

—the College Dropout


The Simplest Possible Way to Generate $100,000+ As An
Affiliate Marketer…

>>>>  The Affiliate Genie


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